Residual Benefit Lease

The Residual Benefit LeaseSM (RBL) is an innovative new financial product developed for corporations monetizing assets. 

Lease Revenue Financing

Veyron has designed a proprietary lease revenue finance structure – Residual Benefit LeaseSM which allows lessees to use and have operational flexibility over essential real estate without contributing debt and equity capital into an illiquid asset class and to be the beneficiary of favorable renewal terms. Additionally, Veyron can deliver a traditional range of lease arrangements from sale-leaseback to synthetic leases.

Maximizing Shareholder Value

Traditionally corporate-owned real estate does not generate returns on invested capital in excess of the real cost of that capital, jeopardizing management team’s efforts to use and allocate capital efficiently. A well-planned Veyron Residual Benefit LeaseSM or other lease revenue transaction can unlock real estate value, improve financial metrics and EPS  for both GAAP and IFRS purposes.

Tax Implications / Accounting Results

A Veyron Residual Benefit LeaseSM quickly allows existing corporate real estate owners to recognize unrealized gains through an efficient “true sale” structure. Additionally, Veyron is an effective collaborator assisting in the achievement of effective tax results and accounting treatment. 


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