Sale Leasebacks

With our sale-leaseback solution, property owners can access liquidity, preserve cash and working capital, and hedge against inflation.

Access to Capital with Lease Flexibility

Our sale-leasebacks allows owners to unlock the value of their assets while retaining the use of the property. Existing owner-occupiers can receive cash upfront, improve return on assets, and benefit from tax advantages. Additionally, flexible lease terms protect against the changes in the economic environment. With our sale- leaseback solution, organizations can improve liquidity, preserve cash and working capital, and hedge against inflation.

Maximizing Operational Value

In addition to financial benefits, sale-leasebacks present many operational benefits as well. Unlike typical sale leasebacks, a Veyron sale-leaseback allows the occupier to retain total operational control of the property as well as more flexibility in lease terms. If desired our tenants can maintain ongoing property management, which allows for maintaining autonomy in business operations without disruption. Lastly, our structure enables a swift closing within 4-6 weeks.

Tax Implications / Accounting Results

Sale-leasebacks can offer several benefits over traditional debt financing, including:

  • Preservation of cash and working capital
  • Lower cost of capital vs. incurring debt
  • Reduce balance sheet liability up to 45%
  • Eliminate depreciation expense
  • No negative impact on debt-to-income ratio
  • Tax benefits as operating lease
  • Ability to free up capital for other investments or opportunities
  • All while retaining use of the property


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